Final Results- Live Shredded Challenge

From March 17 until June 9th, I participated in the MusclePharm Live shredded Challenge. It was a 12 week, 84 day transformation contest. I had to submit ‘before’ photos the day the contest began, and then had to submit ‘after’ photos on the 84th day. Two weeks into the event I wrote about why I had signed up for the contest, and what obstacles might be in my way throughout the contest. That can be found here- My Live Shredded Challenge.

Before and After Front comparison

I totally changed my diet throughout the event, measuring out every meal. I kept my protein intake consistent throughout the whole 12 weeks, eating roughly 280 grams of protein per day.  I cut out all ‘bad’ carbs in the beginning, buy my carb intake remained high the first several weeks. I started seeing good results even within the first few weeks, just by eliminating my ‘cheat’ meals to once per week. Half way through the contest, I went on a 7 day Carribean Cruise. I treated this like an entire cheat week, so that set me back a little bit.

Once returning from the Cruise, I became very strict with my diet. My cheat meals were healthier cheat meals, such as brown rice sushi, or fajitas (in place of my normal pizza or nachos). With 4 weeks left in the contest, I completely cut on any cheat meals. At this point in the competition, I had already lost 24 lbs.

With two weeks to go, I cut carbs completely out of my diet. I followed Dr. Jim Stoppani’s Two Week Cut the final 14 days of the competition. This helped me drop the final 10 lbs, with my final weight being 179 lbs. This was the lowest weight I had  been since early high school. So, in the 12 weeks of the competition, I lost 37 lbs, and dropped down to 6% body fat, and was in the best shape of my life.

Other than the final two weeks (cutting carbs), this contest turned out to be much easier than I expected. I started to enjoy eating healthy every day, and no longer craved the foods I normally ate.  After seeing such good results the first few weeks, it became much easier eating the same foods every, because I knew the end results would be great. I set my goal weight to around 190-195, so I ended up surpassing that by quite a bit. I also expected to lose a lot of my strength throughout the contest, but that wasn’t the case either. My strength remained constant throughout the whole 12 weeks, despite dropping over 30 lbs. So, I could now bench over twice my body weight, and that was a good feeling.

Both my Diet and my Workout plan were consistent throughout the whole process, and were the major reasons for the success I had. I also believe that taking the right Supplements during those 12 weeks had a huge impact on my overall results, and also helped me maintain both my strength and my energy levels. I will continue eating healthy, and limit my cheat meals to 1-2 per week. I hope to add some strength, and stay around 190-195.

Before and After Back comparison

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